How To Choose The Right Type Of Stone

How To Choose The Right Type Of Stone

Some decoration in the home can also use stone, is the stone natural stone or artificial stone? What is the classification and selection of natural stone? Here is a brief introduction. Stone is divided into natural stone and artificial stone, natural stone is divided into three Large categories: magmatic rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Artificial stone is divided into cement artificial stone, polyester artificial stone, composite artificial stone and sintered artificial stone.

Technical properties of natural stone: compressive strength. Non-uniform anisotropic brittle material. According to the standard test method, the average compressive strength of the stone standard sample is determined, and the stone strength is divided into nine grades. Apparent density. The mineral composition of stone is related to porosity. According to apparent density, it can be divided into two major categories: pumice and heavy stone.

Water resistance: According to the softening coefficient value, the water resistance of stone materials is divided into three categories. The material strength decreases after water absorption, the frost resistance deteriorates, the thermal conductivity increases, the water resistance and durability decrease. The apparent density of stone, porosity Small, water absorption is also small.

Frost resistance: The frost resistance of stone is closely related to the water absorption rate. The water absorption rate is generally large, and the frost resistance of stone is poor. In addition, the antifreeze is also related to the degree of saturation, the degree of freezing and thawing, and the number of freeze-thaw cycles. When the stone is full In the water state, after a certain number of freeze-thaw cycles, if there is no penetration joint, the weight loss does not exceed 5%, and the strength loss does not exceed 25%, which is consistent with frost resistance.

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