How To Distinguish The True And False Of Marble

How To Distinguish The True And False Of Marble

1. Observe the surface structure of marble

Observing the large surface structure is mainly to distinguish the material grade of marble, to avoid the low price of commercial households selling high prices. According to the quality and surface finish, the table top can be divided into three grades: superior, first-class and qualified. Use a magnifying glass to observe whether the pattern and particles on the surface are evenly distributed. If the pattern is messy or the particle size is different, and touch it. It is also somewhat rough, then it will not be excellent quality. The plate pattern of superior products and first-class products is natural, the particles are even and uniform, the touch is delicate and comfortable, the gloss is bright and the quality is good, and it can be discerned at a glance.

2, measuring the size specifications of marble

Each family has different requirements for the decoration of marble countertops, so there will be many sizes and thicknesses on the market. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to measuring the size to avoid problems after the splicing. If the size is not correct, the subsequent splicing will be staggered. Or the pattern, the texture is deformed, and the appearance is not beautiful, and there are some hidden dangers.

3. Tap the marble to test the sound

The sound can reflect the quality of the special material. The tapping method is used in many high-grade materials. For example, solid wood furniture can also be used to judge the level. If the sound is clear and loud, it means good transparency. It is dull and dull, indicating that there are loose particles or cracks inside.

4, splashing ink test marble is good or bad

This method can be tried at home, but if you are in the store, it is best to test with the consent of the merchant beforehand. The method is to use a brush to dipped a small drop of ink on the surface of the table. If the water droplets are not moving in place, it means that the property is stable and the quality is good. If the water droplets disperse quickly, there may be instability factors.


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