Why Wax In Stone Maintenance

Why Wax In Stone Maintenance

Waxy water will cause stone pollution. Stone is a porous material that may absorb colored substances from wax water and cause surface contamination. When choosing stone care wax, therefore, it should be used as much as possible in the wax water with added pigment, or before the stone is used, it is confirmed that the stone surface has been effectively treated with water and oil, which can fully maintain the surface of the stone and make it The ability to prevent pollution.

Long-term waxing may cause yellowing of the surface of the stone, but on the road where wax conservation is used in a large area, the variety of stone wax water varieties in the market can be delayed, the brand is numerous, and its characteristics and quality are for the general consumers. It is difficult to know clearly and use it correctly. Therefore, wax water has an adverse effect on the stone. Some waxes are unsaturated hydrocarbons that turn yellow when exposed to air for a long time, contaminating the surface of the stone.

The surface is polished with wax water. Therefore, it should be used for stone maintenance. It should avoid the accumulation of stone surface for a long time. Before using it, you should master the characteristics of wax water and consumers who have doubts. You can consider using wax products for domestic research. Institutions, accelerate oxidation or solar experiments to see if they are suitable for use.

Based on the above reasons, some theories point out that stone should not be waxed for maintenance. Another point of view is that wax maintenance, in addition to the effect of increasing the surface gloss, requires the establishment of an air environment and traffic police often in severe areas of the stone, the wear state of the materials, for example, hotel halls, halls, corridors, waxes can be considered to keep the project in mind On the one hand, it can highlight the effect of polishing after using brilliant.

It is also possible to use the foot to wear a slow stone rate (the wax can provide a slow material speed). Under normal circumstances, the above-mentioned areas are too high for pedestrians and frequencies, so the problem of wax residue on the stone surface is not obvious, and the consumption is attention. What kind of wax should you use is important and the maintenance interval is long.

Household stone masonry, partly because the traffic volume is not very large, the wear of stone is very limited, and the domestic production of natural stone, its surface gloss has reached a considerable level, so stone conservation families should pay attention to the maintenance of surface pollution, it is recommended The use of stone curing agents (used for a long period of time after use can be kept for several years) as a way to maintain and comply with the mop and neutral detergent to achieve daily maintenance of the floor can usually do not need to consider the use of wax treatment.


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