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Five advantages of Calacatta Nano Glass and six practical scenarios

Calacatta Nano Glass is an engineered stone made from a combination of natural materials such as quartz and glass, as well as resins and pigments. It mimics the natural veining pattern in marble, making the material look and feel like natural marble, but with exceptional durability and resistance to scratches, stains and heat.

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What is a marble slab

Marble slabs are an elegant and timeless choice for a variety of design projects. Whether it’s for a floor, countertop, fireplace or shower, marble slabs offer a unique and luxurious look that cannot be replicated.

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Is it better to choose marble or stainless steel for cabinet countertops?

Stainless steel countertops do not have this problem, because no matter how you use stainless steel countertops, it is impossible to crack, but one disadvantage of stainless steel countertops is that their aesthetics are worse than those of marble.

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Maximize Your Residential or Commercial Space with Calacatta Quartz Slab

Calacatta Quartz Slab is a beautiful and durable material that is perfect for any residential or commercial space. This material offers many benefits over other materials, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking to create a stylish and modern look in your home, or you are looking to make a statement in your commercial space, Calacatta Quartz Slab is the perfect choice.

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Silver Travertine Slabs: The Perfect Choice for a Luxury Home Upgrade

A luxurious home upgrade is a dream for many homeowners, but often they are not sure where to start. One of the best options is to focus on the flooring. Flooring can transform the look and feel of any room and provide a comfortable and warm ambiance. Silver travertine slabs are an excellent choice for flooring, and they are the perfect choice for a luxury home upgrade.

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Why Choose Agate Slabs Countertops for Your Kitchen

Are you tired of your old and worn-out kitchen countertops? It’s time to upgrade your kitchen with agate slabs countertops. Agate slabs are a natural stone that can bring beauty, durability, and functionality to your kitchen. In this article, we will explain why agate slabs countertops are the perfect choice for your kitchen renovation project.

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Ready To Start New Project With KPH STONE?

KPH STONE aims to reach the pinnacle of the natural stone business and provides Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Quartzite, Travertine, Onyx, and Semiprecious stones in various colors and designs that are supplied from all over the world.