What Are The Dry Hanging Methods Of Marble?

What Are The Dry Hanging Methods Of Marble?

In the usual marble paving production, we generally use the dry hanging method. With the changes of the times and our external aesthetic requirements, there are many ways to dry the marble, mainly divided into plug-type, butterfly-style , back-bolt type, back-hanging type, etc.

1. Plug-in type: The plug-type dry-hanging method is to introduce business from abroad in the 1980s, which lays a foundation for the standardized production and handling of domestic marble dry-hanging parts. The dry hanging piece used is a stainless steel metal piece. The hanging piece of this method is mainly supported by the pin and transmitted to the wall, and the stress in the pin hole is concentrated, and the crack is easily formed when the large plate or the profiled material is decorated, so the method is applied in comparison. Decorative marble monolithic small wall and column. When the large-area decorative single-plate is large, it is not necessary.

2. Butterfly type: It is named because the shape of its mounted marble is like a butterfly wing that is turned over. The basic methods of the butterfly type hanging technology are the same as the pin type. The butterfly type is different only. The tail part is also adjustable in several ways. The principle is the same as the pin type. The only part of the marble is different. . Stainless steel is outside, usually in the process of turning up and down the point of view due to demand, it is necessary to widen the grooving of the marble mounting pendant, so that the marble is simply damaged in the device, in order to ensure the strength during processing, just increase Thick marble, because of the grooving width of the marble, the amount of gap-filling glue used is also more, and the cost is improved. Therefore, this type of method is not easy to use in the decoration of the high-rise building, and only the decoration of the bottom layer or the usual occasion can be used.

3, back bolt type: back bolt type hanging technology has been planned by Germany, China introduced in recent years. It is a kind of hollow hanging technique in the world which is connected with the keel on the wall by the anchor bolt connecting the metal piece on the back of the marble. It is composed of the rear cut anchor and the rear support system. system. Therefore, the back-bolt dry hanging technique belongs to the mechanical anchoring structure, so the direct touch of metal and metal, marble and metal, that is, the hard touch, so the dry hanging is incapable of thermal expansion and contraction deformation due to temperature difference. The device has more working hours. But it is still the way the new standards are implemented.

4, back-mounted: back-hanging dry hanging technology is the new standard stipulation, especially suitable for high-rise construction and seismic construction. The exception is the same except that the hanging head is different from the pin type. The back-hanging dry hanging piece adopts kneading and forming light metal dry hanging piece of 7075 aluminum alloy material, which has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and anti-aging. This workpiece makes each marble plate become a separate fixed unit, plate There is no strong connection between the marble and the marble, as long as the joint glue and sealant are softly connected. No additional stresses will occur at the sheet metal installation, behaving in addition to the excellent characteristics of the flexible construction plan. In addition, the surface layer of the pendant is sprayed with high-voltage electrostatic powder, which will not cause rust and pollution, and is very beneficial to the long-lasting construction of the exterior marble.


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