How to Care and Maintain a Marble Table for Lasting Beauty

How to Care and Maintain a Marble Table for Lasting Beauty

Marble tables offer a timeless style that adds elegance to any room, yet achieving that sophisticated look requires a little effort. In order to retain its beauty and shine, a marble table needs proper maintenance and regular care.

1. Keep your marble table well-protected

It’s important to protect your marble table from everyday wear and tear. Use floor mats or other protective padding to prevent scratching and damage to its surface. It’s also a good idea to place hot dishes, extra-heavy items, and heavy furniture on top of it as this can cause discoloration or breaks in its surface over time.

2. Clean regularly

Daily cleaning of your marble table is important as it will help prevent dirt, oil, and dirt from accumulating onto its surface. Use warm water and mild dish soap to wipe away dirt and spills. To shine, use a soft cloth and a solution of warm water and a little mild detergent. Don’t use any kind of abrasive products, such as scouring pads, as they may damage the marble table’s glossy finish.

3. Treat it with care

In order to maintain the beauty of your marble table, treat it with care. Doing so will prevent it from chipping or cracking if it’s accidentally dropped. Make sure to always use a felt or some other soft material when lifting the marble table, and when cleaning the table, make sure to use a mild detergent so you don’t damage the finish.

4. Re-seal regularly

Regularly resealing your marble table will help keep it looking its best. This is especially important for marble tables that are exposed to heavy-duty use. Opt for resealing your table at least once a year and ensure that any sealant used is specifically

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