Agate Serving Tray

Agate Serving Tray

The natural look of semi-precious stone creates a distinct abstract pattern on this serving board. made blues utterly complement the brass-plated handles, fabricated from sturdy untainted steel. The receptacle is suitable for serving a cheese or fruit course.

  • Material: Blue Agate Gemstone, Or other color agate also available now
  • Size: 150-320x10mm, or customized
  • Shape: Round, Rectangular, and another unique shape
  • Surface: Polished is the best one
  • MOQ: 10 pcs
  • Stone Factory: KPH STONE
  • Application: Home, Hotel, and Restaurant
  • Payment: T/T
  • Package: Inner package: protect film, foam Outer package: plywood case.
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Product Details

Luxury Blue Agate Gold Brass Handle Serving Tray

The Semi-precious Agate Serving Tray of comparable tones and his are joined by a transparent epoxy resin, poured over them to create a firm plate. The sides are ground and so buffed to make the corners smooth. This piece of art is an associate example of handstitched accomplishment. It’s made of chalcedony stone.

Agate Tray for Home Deco | KPH STONE

-Luxury and semi-precious agate tray for home decor or restaurant projects | KPH STONE

A luxury agate tray with handles is an ideal gift for your treasured ones because it is formed with extreme care and love. The receptacle will undoubtedly build your space beautifully. It may well be used for Serving, Decoration, etc. It could be utilized indoors and doors and can be a bit of conversation.

This agate plate tray can be used in the kitchen, Living Room, eating room, etc. It’s simple to keep up and clean with traditional soap and water.

What is Agate Gemstone | KPH STONE?


Agate could be a clear style of small crystalline quartz. It’s used as a valuable stone once it is of fascinating quality and color. the deposition of oxide from groundwater within the cavities of igneous rocks typically forms chalcedony. The agate deposits in coaxial layers around the walls of the cavity, or horizontal layers increase from the rock bottom of the cavity. These structures manufacture the striped patterns that are characteristic of many ages.

Baclit Agate Series from KPH STONE

-20+ Agate Colors for all clients selected from our factory | KPH STONE 

A number of these cavities are lined with crystals and people are called geodes. chalcedony happens in an exceedingly wide selection of colors, that embrace brown, white, red, gray, pink, black, and yellow. The colors are caused by impurities and occur as alternating bands at intervals in the agate. The various colors were created as groundwater of different compositions seeped into the cavity. The crew within a cavity could be a record of water chemistry change. This banding offers several agates the attention-grabbing colors and patterns that create it a well-liked gemstone.

Agate Tray Details | KPH STONE
Product Name
Agate Slice Coaster Bar Serving Tray
Natural Agate Stone
Black, red, purple, blue, yellow, green, pink, etc.
Rectangular round irregular square, etc.
As the picture shows
Cup coaster, coffee coaster, beverage coaster, food platter, a bar serving

Unique, organic, environmental

Our Advantages:
1.  Low MOQ & Price with efficiency
2. Maximum 10% discount on repeat orders
3. Refunds with the quality issues, within 15 days after shipment
4.  High-quality hardware supplier nominated by the international brand over 10 years

Handcrafted blue agate serving tray made of natural agate stone with gold-tone coated stainless steel handles. The edges of each piece are electroplated (not a gold leaf or gilded, which may rub off) with a beautiful thick metallic gold brass finish.

Agate Tray Display Photos | KPH STONE

Blue Agate Tray with Brass Frame   Blue Agate Tray with Brass Handle

Blue Agate Rectanglar Tray   Blue Agate Tray

Organize your table knickknacks with this agate coffee table tray with Brass Handles. This beautiful tray has been handcrafted with a blue agate stone that enables it to be used as a serving tray or as a gorgeous showpiece. The handles are solid metal branches that are stained to match the color of the tray and provide it with a singular mystical look.

Blue Agate Tray in Home Deco from KPH STONE' Clients

This elegant blue agate serving tray would serve your guests stylishly in any table setting or luxury to your low tables. The agate tray is right for serving beverages or canapés. Each piece has four rubber pads to avoid scratching the surface. A nice gift for a housewarming, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, wedding Mother’s or Father’s Day, or a treat of yourself, you merit it. 

Agate Gemstone Slabs and Tiles Factory | KPH STONE

Chinese Agate Slabs and Tiles Factory | KPH STONE

KPH STONE specializes in natural luxury semi-precious stone slabs like tiger eye, agate, quartz, petrified wood, and shell mosaics.

We design, produce and sell (OEM and ODM offered). Our products are no-radiation, no-pollution, not change color, fireproof and waterproof, following the green and environmentally ideal of modern decoration.

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