White Calacatta Marble Slab

White Calacatta Marble Slab

Italian Calacatta Marble from China is a highly durable and authentic looking stone, which is perfect for countertops, backsplashes, and even your bathroom walls. This Calacatta White Marble is distinctive looking with its thick, bold veining and will add a premium finish to any interior project. Material: Natural Calacatta Marble Size: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 2200upx1100up, and so on. Thickness: 16mm–30mm, or as specified by you. Surface: Polished, Honed MOQ: 100 SQM Calacatta Quarry Sales and Factory: KPH STONE Application: KPH Stone provides high quality and luxurious Calacatta Marble for Walls, Kitchens, Countertops, Wardrobes, Doors, Desks, Retail, Office or Restaurant space

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Product Details

High Quality and Premium Italian Calacatta Marble Slabs 

Calacatta White Marble is a white Italian Natural Stone with gray and gold veins well-defined like Carrara marble, which is perfect for luxurious interior floors, walls, countertops, stairs, and columns in any interior project, like hotels, mansions, Calacatta Marble | KPH STONEvillas, and private houses. KPH Stone imports hundreds of containers of Calacatta Marble Blocks from Italy Quarries each year and processes them into different sizes items for our clients. We have strong price advantages and a full range of products in processing Marble Slab Calacatta.

KPH Stone runs a large natural white marble inventory of White Calacatta Slab, Statuario White Marble, and Carrara Marble. It covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, and we have over 16mm thickness to 30mm large slabs for our clients to choose from, over 2000 SQM of Marble Slabd ready to pack, and delivery.

Calacatta White Marble Slab, as everyone knows, is a semi-production for processing different sizes of productions. Popular finished products have 3/8” thickness tiles, mosaic tiles, countertops, vanity tops, etc. You can get these products from KPH STONE. The warm white color background and delightful grey veins make it beautiful after installation. Except for polished surfaces, the honed surface is also warmly welcomed by American and Australian customers. KHP Stone provides Calacatta Marble Flooring and Wall Cladding Tiles for Delux Wynn Hotels in Macaus, Las Vags, over 10000 SQM luxurious Calacatta White Marble Tiles from the KPH Stone factory only.

Usages: Calacatta marble can produce beautiful showers, walls, floor tiles, marble kitchen countertops, and other design products. They are available in mosaics, tile patterns, octagons, and so on.

Part of the Calacatta stone family from the Carrara region of Italy, Natural White Calacatta Marble combines a background of white Calacatta with characteristic gray veins or golden flowers along the edges of the veins. 

When installed by a skilled craftsman, Calacatta Marble creates an eye-catching accent with bold colors that can grab the attention of the beholder.

Calacatta Italian Marble is different from block to block, so each shipment of this amazing stone becomes a unique piece of history when installed in your project. While all White Natural Marble makes a striking impression, Calacatta White Italian Marble stands apart as one of the finest types of marble found anywhere in the world.

As with all varieties of Calacatta, the creamy surface of the marble is formed through slow geological forces. The process happens over millions of years and occurs within the Earth’s crust, transforming limestone and minerals through extreme heat and pressure to a crystallized structure that we know as marble.

Basic Sizes of Calacatta Italian Marble 

Calacatta Marble Slabs Warehouse | KPH STONE

100% Natural Calacatta Marble Slabs and Tiles 
It can be customized according to your requirements.
It can be customized according to your requirements.
It can be customized according to your requirements.
Quality Control
Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.5mm, +/-1mm;
Polished Degree: 85°or up.

High-End & and Premium Calacatta Marble White Slabs In KPH STONE

Calacatta Marble Slabs  Polished Calacatta Marble Slabs

Calacatta White Polished Marble Slabs  Calacatta Marble Large Slabs

The above 4 pictures of Luxurious Calacatta Marble Slabs are just small parts of our inventory, connect KPH Stone for the latest slabs sizes and quantity details for your coming projects.

FAQ of Calacatta Marble 

1-What the Sizes of Calacatta Marble Slabs From the KPH STONE inventory

It depends on the block sizes which we got from the quarry owns, some small ones, some large ones. For the normal length and width of marble slabs, we can provide around: 2400upx 1200up, 2600upx 1600up, or 2000upx 1900up, you can connect us directly, and email you back with our stock list for you.

2-Do KPH Stone provide Calacatta Marble for any hotel projects?

Yes, we provide Cut-to-Size project tiles for Wynn Hotel in Macaus and Las Vegas. Below are some photos for your reference.

Calacatta Marble Hotel Lobby

-You can get this amazing natural calacatta marble flooring and wall tiles in Wynn Macau Hotel

Calacatta White Marble is a distinctive Italian marble of whites and greys. Available in honed and polished finishes in tiles, slabs, and mosaics, this lovely tile creates perfect coordination in bathrooms, kitchens, and other interior design projects. This beautiful collection is offered in flooring, wall tiles, and countertops. Right now we are offering a variety of surfaces with prices from high to low.

What is the difference between Calacatta marble surface polished and polished?
Polished Calacatta Marble is a finely polished stone. After a few passes and sealing with resin, you get a highly reflective smooth polished surface with a strong visual impact.
Honed Marble Calacatta is marble that has not undergone this polishing process. Instead, it has a matte, natural look that some owners prefer. It is also suitable for high-traffic rooms where marble can be worn and scratched. Due to its low reflectivity, light scratches and marks are less noticeable.

Chinese Professional Calacatta Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory 

Calacatta marble factory | KHP STONE

KPH Stone-Luxury Stone Series
* We put quality before quantity, applying high-standard in picking blocks and slabs.

*from blocks to finished products, we have specialists watching over the whole process.

*Detailed oriented quality control and customer service.

*products: slabs, tiles, mosaics& strips, countertops.


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