Marble Corner Shower Seat

Marble Corner Shower Seat

The marble corner seat/shelf is created of prime quality marble from Italy. each bit passed a strict inspection. However, natural white marble and different natural stone merchandise inherently lack uniformity and vary in color, shade, finish, hardness, etc.

  • Material: Bianco Carrara White Marble Shower Conner Sheet/Conner Shelf
  • Size: 18”x18”x3/4”, 9”x9”x5/8”or customized 
  • Surface: Polished, Honed 
  • MOQ: 50 pcs
  • Marble Factory: KPH STONE
  • Package: Out packaging: With seaworthy standard packaging.
    Inner packaging: Plastic film and foam;
    Outer Packaging: Wooden crates/ pallets.
  • Payment: T/T,Western Union etc.
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Product Details

Bianco Carrara White Marble 1/4 Round Conner Shower Seat

A natural Marble Corner Shower Seat may be a fantastic thing. Don’t suppose it’s just for seniors; it’s for everyone who loves comfort! Handcrafted from Bianco Carrara Marble with polished/ honed finish surface, and bullnose of Carrara Marble Shower Seat polished edge for a silky touch.

There are three lasting Marble Shower corner seats: built-in, coasting, and fold-down.

1. Built-in seats are seats that are surrounded by the shower divider and floor. This sort of seating can run the width of a shower walled-in areajust like the one that appeared here, or may be restricted to a corner. Carrara Marble Shower Conner Seat can have squared points or be half-circle. After introducing one, waterproof it and tile it for a custom look.

Carrara Marble Shower Seats Designs

-KPH Stone provides different shapes and designs of Marble Shower Seats for any residences and hotels.

2. Floating seats are solidly secured to the shower dividers but are open underneath. The Natural White Marble Shower Seat can be made of waterproofed wood or a single chunk of stone. You’ll be able to arrange a tiled coasting seat to coordinate the rest of the shower space. Even though drifting seats may seem straightforward in the framecautious designing is required. You ought to inquire about a few experts to introduce one.

The Marble Corner Shower Seat is the perfect addition to any bathroom. This beautiful and functional shower seat is made from high-quality marble and is designed to fit seamlessly into any corner of your shower. With its sleek and stylish design, the Marble Corner Shower Seat is not only practical, but also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor.

As a top China factory and China manufacturer, we at [Company Name] understand the importance of having a safe and comfortable shower experience. The Marble Corner Shower Seat has been engineered to provide both safety and comfort. The non-slip surface and sturdy construction ensure that you can safely sit and enjoy your shower. And the comfortable seat and backrest provide you with the ultimate shower experience.

In addition to its functionality, the Marble Corner Shower Seat also offers many aesthetic benefits. The natural beauty of the marble will complement any bathroom design and add a touch of sophistication to your shower. The corner design of the seat also helps to maximize space in your shower, making it a practical choice for smaller bathrooms.

As a top supplier of shower seats, we are proud to offer the Marble Corner Shower Seat at an affordable price. We believe that everyone deserves to have a safe and comfortable shower experience, regardless of their budget. And with our commitment to using only the highest-quality materials, you can be assured that your Marble Corner Shower Seat will last for years to come.

So if you’re looking for a functional and beautiful addition to your shower, look no further than the Marble Corner Shower Seat. Whether you’re looking to improve safety, comfort, or the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, the Marble Corner Shower Seat is the perfect choice.

Order your Marble Corner Shower Seat today and experience the difference it can make in your shower. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have and to ensure that you find the perfect shower seat to meet your needs. So why wait? Transform your shower today with the luxurious and functional Marble Corner Shower Seat!

Marble Products Sizes Information


Bianco Carrara Marble
Color of Marble
white, black, yellow, green, blue, red, coffee, brown, beige, gray, golden, etc.
Polished, honed, natural split, saw-cut, pineapple, bushhammered, machine pulled, waterjet, chiseled, sandblast.
300X300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, customized
Any customization is OK. I could do as promised.
50 square meters
Free for you to check the quantity.
Floor, wall, countertop, sink and basin, stair, fireplace, stone carving handicraft, lines, door cover, windowsill, threshold, the line that plays a base, wave lineup, etc.
Quality Control
Top quality. All products are checked by experienced QC before packing.
Out packaging: With seaworthy standard packaging.
Inner packaging: Plastic film and foam;
Outer Packaging: Wooden crates/ pallets.
Delivery Date
15-20 days after the order is confirmed.
T/T, Western Union, etc.

White Carrara Marble Corner Seats are quite fashionable home associate degree business homeowners thanks to their beauty, sophistication, and variety. For centuries, Marble indicated subtle tastes. As seen within the ruins of ancient civilizations, nobility and aristocracy around the world have used marble as a standing image for luxury. made in texture and various natural colors, these polished items are lovely in their simplicity and can add an aura of singularity to your home. KPH STONE offers you endless decorating potentialities, completely different marble corner seats, and marble tiles with elegant reflections on the polished surface.

Marble 1/4 Round Conner Seat Photos


1/4 round marble conner seat   bianco carrara marble corner seats

Carrara White Marble Corner Seats   White Marble 1/4 Corner Seats

Marble Corner Seat or Corner Shelf Features

Both sides polished ends with a natural stone appearance.
It can be used on an enclosed or exterior shower wall.
Sealing is optional, however, counseled.
A full range of different colors/designs to decide on from KPH STONE.
Installation and care recommendations
Adhesive: Two-part epoxy is the recommended adhesive for this product.

Cleaning: Use a soft, clean textile with heated water or a non-abrasive acid-free cleaner.

Sealing: Sealing is optional. However, we tend to powerfully counsel you to apply a pair of layers of penetrating tile and grout sealer onto the complete surface of this product when installation.

Quality Control System of KPH STONE

Quality Control of Marbl products | KPH STONE


1-Seek and Select the best source

Perfect products are based on the best source from the start at the quarry, we always seek and select the best blocks for the products that will supply to our customers.

2-Strict control of the whole process

From block cutting to surface polishing, we follow the whole production process. We believe only strict standards at every step will lead to satisfaction of the final products.

3-Inspect all finished products piece by piece before packing

Our QC Team is always at the packing scene, monitoring every piece of product according to the customer’s

requirements, unqualified ones will be taken out, making sure of the quality before packing.

Natural Marble Factory In China | KPH STONE

KPH Stone Marble Factory

KPH STONE is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of white marble in China. We specialize in manufacturing marble slabs, marble tiles, countertops, mosaics, water jets, and different types of special-shaped stones.

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