Tundra Grey Marble Tiles

Tundra Grey Marble Tiles

Tundra Gray Marble is an ideal option for interior and exterior spaces that seek a gentle differentiation through peaceful and distinguished tones. Natural Turkey Marble Tundra Grey tiles have a standard size and thickness that is suitable for any decorating project. In residential or hotel lobbies, hallways, and bathrooms spaces, polished, honed marble floor tiles are popular.
Marble Material: Tundra Grey Marble
Size: 24″ x 24″; 24″ x 12″; 12″ x 12″; 18″ x 12″; 18″ x 18″; and custom sizes are available.
Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
Surface: polished, honed, flamed, sawn cut, bush-hammered, rough-picked, antique, etc.
MOQ: 300 SQM; however, a trial order is acceptable.
Grey Marble Provider: KPH STONE

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Product Details

Tundra Grey Marble Polished or Honed Flooring Tiles 

Marble Tundra Grey is an attractive color from a design standpoint. It tends to move through the world of interior finishes looking for elegance. In other words, Tundra Grey Marble Tiles are a great color to work as a neutral background since it pairs easily with more dramatic color splashes. The grey marble selection of tundra marble tiles expresses a taste for Turkey Tundra Marble-KPH STONEreinterpreting traditional concepts, endowing them with a more contemporary language and adapting them to distinguished but at the same time cosmopolitan and modern environments. Through a chromatic range that encompasses pearl tones, grayish ocher, and silvered, natural gray marble can set trends and vanguard.

Tundra Gray Marble Tile with its homogeneity and consistency is used in many traditional and contemporary projects. This stone’s calming grey and white hues have proved to be a popular platform for luxurious modern living. Natural Turkey Marble Tundra Grey is a mild gray stone and was given its name from the frosty gray sun sunglasses of giant steppes of the tundra after a snowy night. Marble Tundra Grey speedily has become the most distinguished and sought-after gray marble worldwide. Its excessive slip abrasion resistance makes it a long-lasting and lengthy-lasting choice. Tundra Grey Marble Floor Tiles thrive in cohesion with different design elements. It conforms to the prevailing color and light spectrum within the indoors and exterior.

KPH STONE provides Tundra Grey Marble Slab and Cut-to-Size Tiles for creating an elegant look for any interior floor and wall. Great looking in bathrooms and showers but also just as impressive outside on a facade. Tundra Grey’s unique grey tones and veining will complement any modern or traditional decor. Our Tundra Grey Marble Tiles are also available in a sandblasted finish for external use.

The Marble tundra grey-honed tile is an ideal desire for each partition and floor, with a 100% natural version and strong base shade it gives an undying, however, articular desire for any domestic or high-cease project. Its outstanding versatility can take you from a historic bathhouse to a present-day mid-century penthouse, or even the modern looks of any commercial building project, like hotels, malls, and government buildings.

Basic Grey Marble Slabs and Tiles Sizes



Kitchen Countertop

Vanity Top


(305X305 or 300X300)





(610X305 or 600X300)


96″x25 1/2″



(610X610 or 600X600)











78″x25 1/2″



According to
your request



According to your request

As per your drawing

Thickness: 10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 18mm; 20mm; 25mm; 30mm; 35mm; 40mm; 45mm; 50mm; etc.

Tundra Gray marble tiles are elegant, reflecting the splendor of the arctic plains with cloud-like grays, pewters, and silvers, interwoven with certainly occurring veins of icy cream and mild grays. Tundra Gray marble is best for indoor flooring, bathrooms, partitions, and backsplashes, for current high-quit and monochromatic designs. 

Tundra Gray Marble Stone Polished or Honed Project Tiles 

Honed Tundra Grey Marble  Tundra Grey Honed Marble Tiles

Tundra Grey Marble Flooring Tiles  Tundra Grey Marble Honed Floor Tiles

These grey marble color tiles are very beautiful and give a stunning and appealing look to the interior space.
As tundra marble is a natural stone, it doesn’t allow germs and allergens to survive on its surface. Thus, these marble tiles are a safe option for indoor flooring.

Tundra Grey Polished Marble Slabs Available in KPH STONE

Tundra Grey Marble Stone  Tundra Grey Marble 3cm Slabs

2cm and 3cm Tundra Grey Marble Slabs are available now, connect KPH STONE for the sizes list of this grey marble. Please, notice that this natural grey marble will have slight color references. If you have a large-scale project, we will make a dry lay of each piece of marble tiles, and make sure the same area will match colors and veins.

We’ve been in the interior design business for a long time, so we’ve used Tundra Gray marble tiles almost everywhere. The most commonly used locations are floors, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and sinks. It is because of the stone’s durability and attractive appearance that it can be used in a variety of locations.

What Should You Know About the Tundra Grey Marble?

Tundra Grey Marble Pool Deck Tiles

What should I look for when buying Tundra Gray marble tiles?

Marble is an expensive material, so please seek professional advice. Before buying marble, you should check the quality of the marble and the price the dealer is offering. Additionally, you must ensure that the stone is of uniform color without blemishes. Also, every stone piece should be carefully inspected. It is usually observed that shopkeepers put the better pieces on top of the stack and the inferior pieces on the bottom.

How to clean and keep Tundra Grey Marble looking new:

We recommend that you clean your marble regularly with warm water and a specially formulated stone cleaner available from your installer. Also, clean the marble regularly. It also removes all stains and stains from marble tiles immediately, keeping the marble looking the same as on day one.

KPH STONE provides natural Tundra Grey Marble Flooring and Wall Cladding Tiles for Interior Walls& Floors: Residential & Commercial, Vanity Tops, and Tub Surroundings. Connect Us anytime if you need this cool grey marble for your coming projects.

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