Nero Marquina Marble Coffee Table

Nero Marquina Marble Coffee Table

The elegant Chinese Nero Marquin Black Marble Table Series is a series of minimalist, clean geometric shapes that can be used as cubes, pedestals, and rectangular coffee tables. The top and sides are made of 2 cm thick marble slabs. Mix and match the low and high versions to create stunning sets in classic and modern interiors, or use each piece as a coffee table, end table, and bedside table.

Table Material: 100% Natural Nero Marquina Black Marble

Size: To be customized

Shape: Cube, Rectangular, Square, Oval

Base: Solid Marble, or other material

MOQ: 100 Sets

Usages: Kitchen, Bathroom, Hotel/Restaurant, Bar Room, etc.

Marble Factory: KPH STONE 

Payment: T/T, L/C at sight

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Product Details

Chinese Nero Marquina Black Marble Coffee Tables or Side Tables 

This coffee table is crafted from Nero Marquina marble with a polished (matt) finish that exudes sophisticated elegance. Each Nero Marquina Marble Coffee Table surface is sealed and treated with the end user in mind, allowing us to offer the best compromise between a natural finish and functionality.

We are particular about Nero Marquina Marble Coffee Table and carefully select beautiful slabs that match the design. Skilled craftsmen craft each black marble table piece to ensure that every detail matches.

Nero Marquina Marble Table Designs

-KPH Stone provides Nero Marquina Coffee Tables in different shapes and sizes as our clients prefer most. From Low Plinth, Tall Cubes, Round, Rectangular, and other unique designs. All sizes of marble coffee tables can be customized, with a marble base or metal. Or Marble Coffee Table tops are suitable for homes, hotels, malls, office buildings, private homes, and other deco shop wholesales.

Basic Sizes information of Marble Tables 




18mm or customized

Surface Treatment

Polishing, Hone Finished, Flame-Treated, Bush-Hammered, Sand-Sprayed

Edge Finished Ogee, Eased, Dupont, Cove Edged, etc

Material Selection – Cutting & Sculpt – Surface Treatment – Packing

Quality Control

1) All marble checked by experienced QC piece by piece and monitoring the entire production process;

2) Clear product pictures will be sent to customers before shipment.

OEM Available and welcomed
Application Home, Hotel, Mall, Mansion, office Building, Doco Shop, and other residence usages
Delivery Time 3-10 days after order payment confirmed
Payment Terms

50% deposit by TT, 50% balance before shipment

Western Union

This Black Marquina Marble Coffee Table enriches your interior with the stunning ambiance of the deep, glossy Nero Marquina marble top. This coffee table has a pure design, beautiful and functional.
Soak the table with marble im-pregnant before use. This makes the table surface less likely to get dirty or scratched. Note that this does not change the porosity of the Nero Marquina Black Marble Coffee Table Surface. Therefore, we recommend that you always protect your table with coasters or placemats and maintain your marble regularly.

Nero Marquina Marble Plinth Tables | KPH STONE 

Nero Marquina Low Plinth Tables   Nero Marquina Black Marble Plinth Tables

This Black Marquina Marble Plinth coffee table is the best stone furniture from 2021-2022 and is popular all over the world. The low rectangular coffee table can be used in any design style space.

A versatile and practical conversation starter, a unique and timeless Nero Marquina marble pedestal coffee table is sure to catch the eye. The black marble plinth table can be used as a coffee table, side table, or simply a striking solitaire element. The light-reflecting polished surface and strict geometric shapes provide an interesting contrast to the heavy, organic look of marble. form.

Basic Size: Length: 100cm, Width: 60cm, height: 27cm, Weight: 86kg

Surface: Polished, Honed

About this design, most of our clients choose the honed surfaces of marble tables to avoid being scratched.

Nero Marquina Marble Round Tables | KPH STONE 

Nero Marquina Round Tables   Nero Marquina Round marble Tables

Black Marquina round marble table can match any base you like! This round marble table by Nero Marquina has a beautiful minimalist design and, thanks to its smooth top, a modern look. It looks beautiful in both classic and classic interiors. The round shape is available in customized sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect one for any interior space. This black and white marble coffee table has a beautifully polished finish that gives the table a natural shine.

Basic Size: Dia: 450mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, or customized 

Surface: High Polished

Thickness: 18mm-30mm

More Black Marble Coffee Table Designs | KPH STONE

Nero marquina marble furniture tables basses

Custom Chinese Black marble table tops slabs rest effortlessly on delicate yet distinctive leg structures. The two L-shaped legs create a lightness, and the contrast between lightness and weight is beautiful. A look both masculine and feminine, industrial and modern, with lines both strong and elegant.

Nero Marquina Marble Low Coffee Tables

Special Designs Polished Nero Marquina Round Or Rectangular Lower Coffee Table offers a surreal and embodied vision of a frozen ocean in motion. Like a three-dimensional still image, the work captures the subtle relief of waves and currents. The transition from solid to liquid is the magic of physics Moment of change from static to motion, the transition from inactive to active

Chinese Marble Table and Plinth Factory | KPH STONE

KPH STONE Marble Factory

coffee table

Coffee tables come in many different heights, but as a general rule of thumb, aim to keep the height of your coffee table roughly the same as the height of your sofa, about four inches. This is to allow easy access to the table when seated

Side table
The purpose of a side table is to provide an additional surface area in your living room. The small size of the side table makes it easy to store in awkward places or place it where extra surface area is needed. lots of room space.

Plinth pedestal stand table
Crafted from marble, the pedestal stand is a versatile and practical conversation starter that is sure to grab attention. The base can be used as a side table or simply as a striking solitaire element dining table.

Dinner Table

Stone dining tables are characterized by strength and sturdiness that ensure long service life. If you take care of your table consistently and properly, it will not only last quite a long time, but it will also look as shiny and amazing as the day you got it.

Above for main types of natural marble tables from the KPH STONE factory, welcome email us if you like.

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