Marble Plinth Coffee Table

Marble Plinth Coffee Table

As a professional stone factory, KPH STONE rigorously chooses marble with the most effective composition and veining for plinth tables – each has distinctive markings that make it one among a kind. The result has multiple uses within the home, office, or showroom. 

  • Table Material: Nero Marquina Marble, Black Marquina Marble
  • Size: 10.63″ H 23.62″ W 39.37″ D, 11” H 53.9” W 29.9” D, 11.02” H 29.93” W 53.94” D
  • Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed 
  • MOQ: 2 sets
  • Marble Factory: KPH STONE
  • Application: Home Office, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining, Hotel, Apartment, Villa
  • Payment: T/T, L/C At the sight
  • Package: Foam Box + Plywood Crate + Wooden Crate. According to customers’ requirements(Living Room Furniture Design White Marble table)
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Product Details

Nero Marquina Black Marble Low Plinth Coffee Table

The Marble Plinth Coffee Table is hollow to create them more accessible to maneuver but, because of the thickness of the marble, they’re still gratifyingly hefty, advisement is two hundred pounds for the quality marble plinth table and 324 pounds for the XL low Table. Black Marquina Marble Plinth Tables | KPH STONE

The Features of Marble Plinth

Sleek tables celebrate the natural beauty of marble.
Calacatta, Carrara, Kendzo, or Nero Marquina marble.
Tables are hollow to make them easier to move.
The Standard Coffee Table weighs 200 pounds, XL Coffee Table weighs 324 pounds.
Marble is a natural material, and each table’s marbling pattern will vary.

Particular, rich, and multifunctional, the black marble plinth coffee table could be a design and table in rising to parts. Cut from pure dark marble with white veins, this moo incarnation of the thing is in a perfect world proportioned to serve as a coffee table, even though its sculptural esteem implies the thing may be cleared out unadorned for break even with effect.

The rectangular low marble plinth coffee table from China gives the impression that it is made from a single piece of marble. The Rectangle plinth coffee table is a fundamental middle piece to your ordinary living space. A negligible and useful plan that will complement any inside space. Each piece is hand-made to arranged by profoundly talented stonemasons created utilizing common marble as it were. The black marble(Nero Marquina Marble) has been hand chosen from Chinese quarries, making them special in character and ultra sumptuous inside your home.

Plinth Table Specification of KPH STONE


Nero Marquina Marble Plinth Table
Adjustable (height), Convertible, Extendable, Adjustable (other)
Specific Use
Coffee Table
General Use
Home Furniture
Living Room Furniture
Mail packing
Home Office, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining, Hotel, Apartment, Villa
Design Style
Marble Top
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Matt Marble Table
White, black

The marble plinth cube side table serves the dual purpose of being a lovely, sculptural piece on its own and highlighting whatever objects rest upon it. It is as adaptable as it is timeless. Any room will be improved by the refined and elegant feel of the honed marble.

Marble Plinth Table Photos | KPH STONE


Nero Marquina Marble Plinth Tables   Black Marble Plinth Tables

The Nero Marquina Low Marble Plinth Table is processed by KPH STONE Marble Factory as a tribute to the unique beauty of marble, and is also available in cubic, tall, and low varieties as well as a limited palette of colors. Light reflects off of the Marble Solid Plinth Table’s angles and falls across its honed surface, creating a spotlight effect in any room, which contrasts with the material’s weight.

Black Marble Coffee Plinth Tables   Black and White Marble Plinth Tables

Though the lines of the podiums are sharp and clean, the naturalness of the Nero Marquina marble is at the forefront of its visual identity, creating an intriguing contrast within each piece. From a Nero Marquina Plinth side table in a private home to a place to display a vase of flowers in a restaurant, Plinth podiums provide an unparalleled surface.

Marble Plinth Table Show | KPH STONE

Natural Marble Plinth Tables Series from KPH STONE

-Full-Color Range of Natural Marble Plinth Tables from KPH STONE 

Each piece of carefully selected natural marble by KPH STONE is assembled by hand to ensure that the sides line up perfectly. The result is podiums that are consistent in shape and quality while unique in marbling patterns. The Natural Solid Marble Plinth Table is a beautiful sculptural piece in its own right, but it also acts to highlight the beauty of any object that rests upon it. This plinth is the perfect alternative to a conventional coffee table.

Marble Plinth Factory In China | KPH STONE

Marble Plinth Table Factory | KPH STONE

KPH STONE’s Excellent Craftmanship Exclusive Tables & Shelves in natural marble top, quartz, granite, travertine, sandstone, and onyx combined Metal, and Wood. Each material is different according to your requirement. They come from nature and design.

With 25+ years of experience in natural stone and metal craft, our skilled craftsmen are pleased to source the best natural material and make the tables and shelves into a single design personalized and beautiful.

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